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industrial radiator reapirThere are a few differences between Industrial Radiator Repair, such as on a commercial 18-wheeler, Caterpillar generators and other industrial equipment than a normal car radiator repair.

Like in a car, industrial radiator repair is one of the most vital components of the truck because it protects the engine from overheating. The radiator in a truck, just like in a car, cools a mixture of water and anti-freeze that is moved through the cooling system by a centrifugal water pump. The water pump pushes the heated fluid through the engine and back out into the radiator, where the absorbed heat is released into the surrounding air, and the cooled fluid is then pumped back throughout the engine. If the radiator malfunctions, the engine will overheat, which can lead to catastrophic damage.

The main difference between car and an industrial radiator is in their size, capacity, and durability. Industrial radiators are specifically designed to accommodate the heavy loads, vibrations, stresses, and high miles that commercial vehicles endure. In essence, they are more heavy-duty.

There are two main styles of radiators used in both cars and tractors; the crossflow radiator and the down flow radiator. A crossflow radiator has its coolant tanks on the sides with fluid running horizontally across the front of the vehicle, while a down flow radiator has the tanks on the top and bottom, with fluid running vertically down the front of the vehicle.

Two other types of radiators that are found mostly on industrial engines are the low-flow radiator, which uses multiple passes of coolant through the radiator, and a bolt-on radiator where the tanks are bolted onto a core using a gasket. Both of these types of radiator can use either the crossflow or down flow format.

Big Rig Radiators must be made with durable materials that can endure the constant stress of hauling heavy loads for thousands of miles. The most common materials used in today’s radiators include copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, and steel.

The common problems with truck radiators are no different from those which car radiators may develop: leaky hoses, a malfunctioning thermostat, a core or tank leak, air bubbles, a defective water pump, malfunctioning fan, malfunctioning cap, or obstructions in the coolant, to name a few.

If your industrial radiator or commercial vehicle is experiencing overheating or radiator troubles, we can diagnose and fix the problem. Call now to set up an appointment with our certified mechanics.


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