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Long Beach Wheel Alignment

When your vehicle needs an alignment, contact Orozco’s Auto Service. Wheel alignment is one thing that you absolutely cannot cheat on. To do an alignment properly, expensive tools are required, and an improper alignment can lead to more wear on the vehicle, more unpredictable driving dynamics, and more trouble in the end.

Alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are straight. Proper alignment gives you the benefits of minimal tire wear, a car that drives straight, and minimal stress on parts of the suspension.

All new vehicles are set to manufacturer specifications, but it is advisable to get your car’s alignment checked again after about 2000 miles, since the suspension may move slightly due to normal driving.

An improper alignment could cause problems such as uneven tire wear, pulling to the left or right, or twitchier handling. Tire wear will cause more frequent tire replacement, which will be at least a few hundred dollars each time, and the vehicle pulling is not only dangerous but will make it harder to drive.

With a proper alignment, most cars can go about 30,000 miles before needing new tires, although even if you do not drive as much, old tires can become dangerously brittle. Every time you get new tires, you should also check your alignment. Check your alignment sooner if you get into an accident, change suspension Components, or notice any unusual handling characteristics. Vehicle alignment can commonly be thrown off severely at once by hitting a big pothole at high speed.

Alignment on a typical car should take about an hour, although rusted parts or specialty vehicles can require additional time.

An alignment check should include several measurements:

primary angles: front/rear left and right caster, front/rear left and right camber, front/rear left, right, and total toe.

secondary angles: SAI (steering axis inclination) (left & right), left and right included angle, left and right toe out on turns, left and right maximum turns, left and right toe curve change, track width difference, wheelbase difference, left and right front/rear ride height, frame angle, and front/rear setback.

Setback is the difference between right and left side wheelbase length. Caster, camber, and toe are all angles which the wheel is attached to the suspension by. Unless you have a modified suspension or professionally adjust them for motorsports, all of these measurements should ideally be adjusted to the factory specifications.

Besides uneven wear and pulling, vibration can also be a sign of bad alignment.

Some tires that come with a warranty even require you to get regular alignments and rotation, or risk voiding the warranty. A proper alignment also reduces wear on the steering column, since in an extreme situation bad alignment can cause vibration and shaking, damaging several parts. A proper alignment can also improve gas mileage, since bad alignment will cause more resistance and make the car work harder.

Here at Orozco’s Auto Service of Bellflower, we can provide all alignment services and keep your car driving straight and smoothly. If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle or have questions regarding Wheel Alignment visit Orozco’s Auto Service Orozco’s Auto Service at any of our convenient locations in Long Beach, Bellflower, Garden Grove or Fullerton!

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