Hose Repair

Hose repair

Your engine compartment is an extreme environment, exposed to heat, vibration, and dirt whenever you drive your car. The rubber hoses and belts that help your engine run wear out faster than any other components in your car, because they are constantly heated, cooled, and stretched. In Long Beach, the extreme temperatures and heavy fog at times can accelerate this wear. If a hose or belt fails, it can easily cause you serious issues. This is why it is important to get them inspected periodically.

Regular inspections and routine maintenance are important, especially because belts and hoses can fail suddenly, with little or no warning if you’re not paying attention. One common sign of a worn belt is a squeal or whine from the engine, which will increase with the engine speed. Damaged belts can cause mechanical parts to malfunction or break, and damaged hoses cause leaks, which can also damage your engine or make it run improperly. By getting them inspected, you may be able to prevent a sudden failure, which could leave you stranded or damage your engine unexpectedly.

Most cars have a serpentine belt, also known as the accessory drive belt, which uses the power of the engine to drive accessories through pulleys. These accessories usually include the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and radiator cooling fan. Some cars also have a timing belt, which is very important for keeping the engine running smoothly, although most new cars have switched to timing chains, which are meant to last the life of the vehicle. If your vehicle’s timing belt breaks, your engine will no longer be able to run, and some internal parts may be damaged – usually bent valves, if you have an interference engine. Some of the essential hoses in a car’s engine include the radiator and heater hoses, fuel hose, and power steering hose.

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