Do I need a 3,000 Mile Oil Change?

If you drive around Long Beach, you’ve probably heard that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. This is a widely accepted standard for oil changes, but is changing your oil after 3,000 miles really necessary? Like most things, the answer depends on your vehicle. But for newer vehicles, in most cases you don’t [...]

Electric Versus Hybrid

With the price of gas and cost of living rising year after year, you may have considered buying an electric (EV) or hybrid vehicle to get around Long Beach for a fraction of the cost. But what are the differences between a full EV and a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle? What are the advantages and disadvantages [...]

Worn tires and what they can tell you

Worn Tires can tell you a lot about a suspension. Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification. Have your tires ever worn out faster than they should have? Did a tire technician tell you that your tires were worn unevenly? Feathering, cupping, scalloping ? these are terms [...]

Don’t Confuse Gasoline Octane And Quality

  When you drive around Long Beach, you’ve surely noticed the differences between prices of gasoline. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends regular grade gasoline, you may have wondered if premium gasoline will be better. Or if your vehicle manufacturer recommends premium gasoline, you may have considered filling up with regular to save a few dollars [...]

10 Most Common Auto Repairs

10 Most Common Auto Repairs – Being well informed about car repairs is important, especially if you don’t have the equipment, space, time, or capability to work on your own car. With that in mind, here are the top 10 most common repairs that auto mechanics see, and how much they typically cost. Oxygen Sensors [...]

Runflat Tires – Do they work?

Flat tires often happen at the most inconvenient time or place. Many people call roadside assistance, but they’ll probably have to wait almost an hour before anyone gets there. You can always change the spare yourself, but while it’s not too hard to figure out, it does take a bit of effort and you will [...]

What’s That AC Odor?

When you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner and drive around Long Beach, do you notice a distinct odor emanating from the vents? If you do, then there is definitely something wrong with your car’s air conditioner. There are some methods of finding and detecting certain smells coming from your air conditioner. Most of the [...]

Auto Air Filter Info

Auto Air Filter – You may already know that internal combustion engines need three key ingredients to operate and keep you moving around Long Beach – air, fuel, and fire (spark). All three of these components are vital to the function of your vehicle’s engine to keep it operating at the optimal level. This means [...]

What are those stains on the driveway?

Nobody wants to see a huge puddle of some kind of unidentified fluid pooled under their car all of a sudden. If you walk out to your car and see a leak under it, you might think to yourself, “is this serious? Will my car blow up while I’m driving around Long Beach?” Just like [...]

Signs You May Need A New Car Battery

New Car Battery? The last thing you want when you’re trying to get around Long Beach is for your car battery to die when you need to get somewhere important. With this in mind, there are some warning signs of a weakening battery that you should pay attention to, before it fails completely and leaves [...]

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