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Search: Long Beach Loud Muffler Repair

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Loud Muffler Repair   Image you are driving down Atlantic Avenue when all of a sudden your vehicle sounds like a 4th of July fireworks finally. With all this noise most people will know it’s time for a new muffler or exhaust system repair, but what they don’t know is how [...]

Can’t Miss Info On Head Gasket Repair

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Head Gasket Repair With so many critical components in your engine it’s hard for people in Long Beach, Bixby Knolls to keep up with so many potential engine problems. One of those critical engine parts is the head gasket. Luckily, Orozco’s Auto Service knows all about Head Gasket Repair and is [...]

Does Orozco’s Offer Hybrid Repair & Maintenance? YES!

  Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Hybrid Repair & Maintenance With so much excitement these days about going green and the worry of gas prices we often get asked if hybrid or electric vehicles will need to be serviced and maintained. And if so, do they need to find a specific auto shop for those types [...]

Everything To Know When To Replace Spark Plugs

Replace Spark Plugs In Long Beach Bixby Knolls These days not a lot of people in Long Beach, Bixby Knolls know how important spark plugs really are. They are the essential spark that powers your vehicle’s engine. But when they wear out your vehicle isn’t going any wear. You’ll be happy to know there are [...]

Valuable Information About Fuel Pump Repair

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Fuel Pump Repair Fuel pump repair can be a complicated job because in most vehicles it’s inside the gas tank. Fortunately, Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Bixby Knolls is always there to help you out with any of your fuel injection issues, including sharing this valuable information. Your vehicle’s fuel [...]

Great Info About Rear Differential Repair

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Rear Differential Repair If you go out to your car and notice tire damage on the sidewall or outer tread of a tire, your car becomes difficult to handle and doesn’t easily steer around corners well, the sound of grinding gears or a whining noise are also indicators that you should [...]

Important Info About Wheel Balancing

Long Beach, Downtown Wheel Balancing Wheel Balancing info. Imagine you’re driving around Long Beach down Atlantic Avenue enjoying some Bixby Knolls shopping when suddenly you realize there’s a vibration coming from the steering wheel, your seat and or the floorboard and it seems to get worse the more your accelerate. These could all be a [...]

Long Beach Headlamp Repair and Polish Info

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Headlamp Repair Headlamp Repair has gone a long way over the past few years along with headlamp technology. Headlamps, can also be referred to as headlights. A good set of headlamps can really make the difference in hazardous weather. With a wide but focused beam of light they can save lives [...]

Check Engine Diagnostics Info & Tips

    Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Check Engine Light & Diagnostics Drivers in Long Beach, Bixby Knolls know that sinking felling you get when your cruising down Atlantic Avenue and all of a suddenly you notice the “Check Engine” Light lit up on your dash. And like so many drivers, you have no idea what [...]

Critical Brake Pads Replacement Info

Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Brake Pads Replacement Many of our loyal customers in Long Beach, Bixby Knolls are asking “what is the number one component on my vehicle that I should be most concerned about?” We tell them “they are the brakes of course”. Your brakes are what makes your vehicle come to a safe [...]

Info – Diesel Engine Repair for Cars & Trucks

Car & Truck Diesel Engine Repair – Long Beach Bixby Knolls Imagine another beautiful day in Long Beach and getting into your diesel truck or car and head down Atlantic Avenue to the Beach and suddenly notice heavy black smoke billowing from your vehicle or your engine is making more noise than a freight train. [...]

Timing Belt Repair and Service Info

  Long Beach Timing Belt Repair? Most people don’t know much about their timing belt even though it’s one of your engine’s components that could mean it’s time for a new engine if ignored. This due to the fact that if your timing belt wears out your complete engine can seize up immediately. Luckily there’s [...]

Radiator Repair Near Me Info For Everyone

Long Beach Bixby Knolls Radiator Repair Have you ever noticed that whenever there’s a car chase in a movie that the car being chased seems to always overheat followed by a stream of steam coming from under the hood? This is generally a sign that the vehicle has a damaged radiator or cooling system due [...]

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair With The Experts

Long Beach Bixby Knolls Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach Bixby Knolls is the number one choice for air conditioning repair. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is responsible for keeping you comfortable throughout the year. As part of your overall climate control it keeps you cool in the summer and warm [...]

Tire Sales Info For Everyone

  Tire sales at Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach Bixby Knolls specializes in new tire for all types of vehicles. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or sports car we’ve got the tires for you. We offer competitive prices and the quality of our products are never compromised. We offer a large variety [...]

Synthetic Oil Change May Be The Best Move!

    Long Beach Bixby Knolls new car owners are sometimes surprised when they’re told their new vehicle can only use synthetic oil. Additionally, they’re more surprised to discover getting a synthetic oil change is about twice the price as the standard oil change. So when did this new costly upgrade happen and will it [...]

Learn When You Should Get A Tune Up

    Drivers all over Long Beach Bixby knolls are talking about the excitement of getting a new car and how it’s one of the most exciting moments in a persons life! Unfortunately many also know all things new in time will begin to age. Some of those signs may be that the miles start [...]

Are You Using The Best Auto Repair Shop

  Many automotive drivers have a real love/hate relationship with their vehicles. Like so many of those driver Long Beach, Bixby Knolls is no different.  They love their vehicles for so many reasons, and why not, they easily get us all around town, we enjoy road trips and in many cases our cars or trucks [...]

Orozco’s Auto Service In Now Better Than Ever

    Long Beach Bixby Knolls Auto Service At Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach in Bixby Knolls we know our communities car owners depend on their vehicle to get them around, additionally the understand the importance of getting regular service for their vehicle to keep it running at top performance. Getting regular auto service [...]

What To Do When You Need Flat Tire Repair

  Why does it always seem like you only get a flat tire when you’re in a hurry? Sometimes it happens in the morning when you discover your vehicle has a flat just as you’re ready to head to work or when your rushing to your child’s daycare to pick them up and notice you’re [...]

Important Info For Suspension Repair

People rarely think about their car’s suspension while it’s working, but as soon as something goes wrong it can be very disconcerting. Here’s some info that may may help you identify having a suspension problem. keep an eye on you tires for uneven wear or you start to feel excessive play with your steering wheel [...]

Tips To Extend Your Car Battery Life

Today’s cars and truck are more high tech than ever, along with a variety electronics we take with us in our vehicle, making a strong car battery a must. So, if your family is on a road trip or running errands around Long Beach you need all those devices working. Some of these devices may [...]

Learn Why You May Need A Roadside Emergency Kit

Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach would like to remind all of our loyal customers, along with their families and friends to keep a Roadside Emergency Kit in their vehicles. No one can predict when they may be in an accident or a road or freeway shutdown that can leave you stranded for hours. But, [...]

Learn The Early Signs For Needing Brake Repair

Long Beach Brake Repair and Inspections Brake repair is never something that should ignore. With that being said, one of the most important elements in any vehicle  besides the engine are the brakes. Your engine powers the car and makes you move but the brakes make you stop. Unfortunately, most drivers in Long Beach don’t [...]

Car Repair Tips Everyone Should Know

Long Beach Car Repair Tips Drivers in Long Beach know that if you want your car to last, you need to take care of it, and that means maintenance. But when we asked local drivers what they need to do to make their cars last longer, well lets just say their answers were a bit [...]

Looking For The Best Auto Mechanic?

Long Beach Auto Mechanic No matter what type of vehicle you drive, combustion, hybrid or electric vehicle, they are all getting more complex year after year. With that being said, this is presenting auto mechanics an increased problem of having to learn new technology and diagnostic tools on a regular basis.  As a result, finding [...]

Learn These Great Reasons For An Oil Change

  Long Beach Bixby Knolls Oil Change Almost all Long Beach drivers know they should get their vehicles oil changed regularly, but for one reason or another it just doesn’t happen. Some of those reasons may be; It takes to long, money is a bit tight right now, I don’t like sitting around in an [...]

Auto Maintenance, Regular Maintenance or Preventative Maintenance?

Auto Maintenance, Regular Maintenance or Preventative Maintenance? All of the Above. Every year car makers build vehicles that last longer than the previous year which is leaving more vehicles on the road longer. Some of those older vehicles are holding up better than others but the good news it they are still on our our [...]

Why Is Orozco’s Your Best Choice For Transmission Repair

Long Beach Transmission Repair Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Bixby Knowlls, ASE Certified mechanics get straight to work identifying your transmission’s problem. Based on your description of your vehicle’s behavior for clues and thoroughly inspect the complete drivetrain for any signs of damage. Our team of ASE Certified mechanics has many years of transmission [...]

Must Knows For Auto Lights Repair

    Long Beach, Bixby Knolls Auto Lights Repair Your car’s Lights and Signals aren’t something most people think about when they rush off to work in the morning on Long Beach’s busy morning  streets. After all, the lights are outside of your vehicle, and you may not even know if they’re working until it’s [...]

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