Orozco’s Safe Driving Tips

Regular repairs and maintenance are a normal part of any car’s life – but getting into an car crash will add an unnecessary burden to your normal budget and convenience. However, it is easy to greatly decrease your likelihood of being involved in a crash while driving around Long Beach doing errands or on a road trip with your family by following these safe driving tips:

Stay attentive. It is important to always try to be the best driver on the road and assume that everybody else is not paying attention. Always be sure that the path is clear before accelerating or turning, and stay vigilant of what is happening around you. Reacting to a situation just a fraction of a second sooner could make the difference between ending up in a crash or avoiding one. It is also important not to drive tired – it can be even worse than driving drunk – and to always drive sober and without distractions.

Scan the road. Many people only watch the car in front of them. However, it is important to scan ahead and around the car in front and watch for trouble up ahead or even anticipate crashes before they happen. It is also important not to follow too closely – it takes more than a hundred feet to stop from 60 mph in ideal conditions, so remember to increase the distance between you and the car in front of you at higher speeds!

Drive to conditions. Always be aware of how the environment around you is affecting you and other drivers’ driving abilities – snow, rain, or dirt/gravel will severely limit your traction and visibility and make changing direction happen much more slowly. Puddles can cause you to hydroplane and lose contact with the asphalt for seconds at a time. Driving during sunrise or sunset, or at night, will make it much harder to see the path ahead, not only for you but for other drivers. Also make sure to pay attention to road signs – they are there for a reason.

Check your blind spots. Even with your mirrors properly adjusted, many cars can have huge blind spots where another car may be driving just out of your field of vision. Always check before you switch lanes, and make sure when you are driving that you stay out of other drivers’ blind spots.

If you follow these tips for safe driving, and along with regular auto service and maintenance you will be much more likely to avoid accidents before they happen. But if you do still get into an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, here at Orozco’s Auto Service in Long Beach we can fix it!

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